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Cortex – Research Note – Positioning CortexDB in Hadoop Data Architectures – Extending the Data Warehouse and beyond.
English – October 2014 - Enterprise data architectures are challenged by Big Data. Indeed, Hadoop is now becoming a new standard in data management. It is designed to store and analyze both structured and unstructured data ("data in rest") as well as data streams ("data in motion"). Furthermore, NoSQL databases are becoming an increasingly important part of this new database landscape. Hadoop complemented by NoSQL technologies offers the potential to handle Big Data analytics and to develop new innovative apps that were not possible by using relational technology. As a consequence, the traditional data warehouse is considerably extended. CortexDB is one of these NoSQL database technologies. In this research note, we have a closer look at CortexDB, and discuss what makes CortexDB stand out: It is a temporal, multimodal NoSQL database technology that differs from all known databases via its index structure and its content-orientation. Thus, CortexDB is the solution for managing large quantities of complex poly-structured data in Hadoop data architectures.

USU AG – Research Note – Service Intelligence – Controlling IT services the smart way
English – October 2014 – Service intelligence is an approach based on business intelligence (BI) concepts aimed at creating a performance management system for IT services. It enables professional management of IT service delivery and enhances the efficiency of IT: Weaknesses can now be identified immediately and remedied very quickly. The result is a continuous improvement in service, at lower costs, and transparency in IT services that are clear, comprehensible and visible to departments and management. This Research Note presents why a ready-made service intelligence solution is better than an in-house development for implementing service intelligence. It investigates what out-of-the-box service intelligence solutions can do and what advantages they have to offer. Finally, USU Service Intelligence, a leading service intelligence solution that has proven itself very ably in practice, is presented and discussed.

Gestion des informations clients, résultats de l'Enquête sur la situation actuelle et tendance 2013
Français – juin 2013 –  Selon les résultats de cette enquête, la gestion des informations client (CIM) occupe une place importante au sein des entreprises germanophones. Les résultats ont révélé que les principaux facteurs opérationnels sont tout d'abord la croissance de la fidélisation de la clientèle et l'accroissement de la valeur des clients, ainsi que la création d’’une vue du client à 360 degrés. Cette enquête indépendante a été mandatée par Uniserv GmbH ( Vous trouverez tous les faits et tous les résultats dans cette note de recherche.

Customer Information Management, Results of the Market Survey
English – June 2013 –  According to the results of this survey of companies, Customer Information Management (CIM) has obtained quite a high importance in the German-speaking market. The results revealed that the major business drivers are first of all growth of the customer loyalty and increase of customer value as well as creating a 360-degree customer view. This independent market survey has been sponsored by Uniserv GmbH ( You will find all facts and all results in this research note.

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