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Performance Management and Analytics – Business Intelligence and the Digital Enterprise.
English – August 2015 – Version 12.0 is a comprehensive update and extension of version 11.1 from March 2015. On 201 pages, it describes the benefits and the various business scenarios of performance management and analytics as well as business and technical architectures. Performance management and analytics must confront the challenges of the digital age: Organizations must be agile, smart and data-driven for prospering in today's world of both, uncertainty and transparency. This requires analytics for getting the facts for forward-looking decisions and actions. This requires performance management for unerring monitoring and controlling business processes. This requires Big Data analytics that improves competitiveness and extends the 360° degree customer knowledge to a 360° market knowledge through analysing of social media and other Big Data sources. Furthermore, analysis of sensor and other server and machine related data enables an increasing automation and robotization of life: Welcome to the Internet of Things.

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